You've undoubtedly dealt with unattractive, big pores on your face at some time in your life. What specifically causes huge pores, and what pore-treating options are there in Korea? Let's examine in further detail how to handle huge pores.

All human skin, except for the palms of their hands and feet, is covered with microscopic hairs. The home of every hair follicle is a pore.

A sebaceous gland that generates oil is located within each hair follicle. Sebum rises to the surface of the skin and gathers in the pore when the sebaceous gland discharges this greasy material.

The size of your pores is typically determined by genetics, but other elements like aging, greasy skin and UV exposure can also cause them to become bigger. You cannot shut them or erase them, but you may gradually lessen their appearance with regular skincare and the correct products. Additionally, pores may start to seem bigger as you get older and spend more time in the sun.

A 2016 study identified the following as the main contributors to increased pores:

  • When a person's sebaceous gland generates a lot of oil and they have oily skin, they have excessive sebum.
  • Pores seem larger when there is a decrease in the suppleness of the skin around them
  • Blocked pore at the end of the hair follicle causes increased hair follicle volume

Oil may clog pores when it congregates there and mixes with makeup or grime. The pore is stretched as a result, seeming larger than it is. If the pore is still blocked, a pimple may form.

Large pores do not pose a health risk. Pore size is mainly an aesthetic concern, according to 2015 research. Large pores might make us feel self-conscious about the texture of our natural skin and our foundation makeup.

Fortunately, there are several treatments accessible at the top aesthetic centre in Singapore to address big pores.

Let's examine the top 3:

BB Laser

The BB Laser, commonly referred to as the Laveen Laser, helps to brighten your skin and constrict enlarged pores. Removing sun spots and hyperpigmentation issues also helps to balance out skin tone.

The potent 1927 nm laser simultaneously reduces epithelium damage and improves pigmentation including freckles, blemishes, aging, and loss of elasticity.

Aqua peel

Aqua peel pore treatment Singapore is a two-step procedure that completely washes your skin while simultaneously moisturizing the surface that has just been scrubbed. Chemical peels and acne medications frequently dry out the skin, aggravating it further. Because of this, the oil glands on our face create too much oil, which clogs our pores.

A layer of AHA is used before an aqua peel to clean your face of all dirt, blackheads, whiteheads, and dead skin cells. After that, a suction device will remove these contaminants from the face's surface and its pores. After the skin has been washed, a nourishing rubber mask seals in moisture.

Pico Toning

Pico Laser Toning, more often known as Pico Toning, is an excellent procedure for treating a variety of skin conditions, including skin discolorations, enlarged pores, acne scars, rough skin texture, and more. It delivers tightly-focused laser energy to the top layers of your skin using ultra-short laser pulses.

A Pico toning laser therapy reduces surface skin issues including pigmentation and improves the texture, tone, and acne scars in addition to other skin-related issues. Due to collagen formation, patients also notice their pores are smaller and their wrinkles are less prominent.

3 Tips to reduce Pores at home

  1. If your skin is oily, go for a gel-based cleanser. A hydrating cleanser, such as foam or oil, might leave behind debris in the pores and make the skin more oily. By removing oil from the pores, a gel-based cleanser helps to hide their appearance.
  2. To assist clear clogs from the pores, exfoliating the skin could be advised. Pick products with salicylic acid, a natural chemical that aids in clearing dirt from pores. Exfoliation keeps pores clear, but if the skin is too dry, it can make them appear larger. So be sure to moisturize your skin.
  3. Skin is hydrated and made softer with moisturizers. Instead of packing and enlarging pores, this enables sebum to permeate the skin deeper.